First, download OMGPI for your Spigot.

Next, prepare a database. OMGPI does not use any databases by default, all possible usages of it are either Game plugins or custom modifications in OMGPI. But if a Game plugin does not make tables on its own using the mysql in OMGPI, you have to create all the tables on your own. All OMGPI games you find on the internet should have a tutorial on how to do it.

Now, assuming you have already prepared a Spigot server for OMGPI, put an OMGPI.jar into the plugins folder. When first run, it will create configuration file main.omgc and a folder modules in the OMGPI direction. Don't be scared of .omgc file extension, it is just a plain YAML configuration file, and you can open it with your text editor. After all files created, configure the server:

  • After each config modification, you might want to check if YAML can read it so it does not accidentally reset. Use an online yaml parser.
  • Setup the MySQL in main.omgc accordingly (should be obvious how to do it)
  • Put all your game jars into /plugins/OMGPI/games/ folder and run the server to create more files.
  • Setup the Gamefigs (game.modc) using game's docs.
  • Put the setup maps folders into /plugins/OMGPI/games/GameName/maps/
  • Last, setup Default.kit in /GameName/kits/ and maybe (optional) .loot files in /GameName/loots/

Now the server should be ready to play.