OMGPI - Open Minecraft Game Programming Interface. Spigot plugin by Kirill Semyonkin, All rights reserved. OMGPI is licensed under BSD-2-Clause license. This means you can use OMGPI for any commercial usage as long as you provide license publicly. For more OMGPI documentation, check back sometimes - you may find more documentation here. Also check out our JavaDocs - every method described. Source code available on GitHub. Contact if you need any personal/business help on OMGPI or you have any great suggestions. Also it is recommended to use GitHub issues, SpigotMC and Discord chat. Website design by Kirill Semyonkin. Site host Hostinger UK, free .tk domain by Freenom. BurnyDaKath's (Kirill Semyonkin) social media: Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter.

Ohmi Pie - Mascot of OMGPI - represents hope and surprises at any time