What is OMGPI?

OMGPI - Open Minecraft Game Programming Interface. Developed by Kirill Semyonkin.

It is a Spigot plugin based on private plugin DNGPI from Diversion Network. It manages given server on BungeeCord network and turns it into a minigame server. There are numerous features inside, like Game Shop, Kits, Chests Loots, and many more.

Loading games

It is loaded as a normal Bukkit plugin, and then it chooses which game .jar to use from /plugins/OMGPI/games/ folder. The choosing process is simple: if selectedGame in main configuration set to random, then it loads a random game .jar that is not equal to lastGame in that config. If selectedGame is set to some GameName.jar, then that game is loaded.

After Game plugin is chosen it starts loading: starting up all OMGPI systems - registering gamefig, a game preparer, teams, kits, loots, settings, infobar, votesystem, countdown, updator, inventory management. Then it registers all players in the system as custom OMGPlayers.